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Extreme Motorbike Race 3D


Extreme Motorbike Race 3D is the latest supreme massive open world extreme motobike game! Drive super fast motocross motorbikes and get serious air time by jumping off stunt ramps scattered around the hug world! Go super fast on bikes fueled with nitro boosts to get the bike up to speeds over 200 MPH! Climb the tallest mountains to capture the best view all around, weave through the streets of the cities in the environment, the choice is up to you!We have worked to bring you one of the biggest open world environment sim yet. Extreme Motorbike Race 3D combines the rugged wilderness and the bustling city to make one environment to explore and get lost in.
Choose from a wide selection of offroad motorbikes and sleek superbike to drive fast around the gigantic open world. You have the ability to swap out your motorbike at any time, so if you don't like your bike, you can switch to one that suits your style!
Extreme Motorbike Race 3D uses the very latest in motorbike driving physics, the racing action is real as it gets. Like the sound of revved- up engines? Like to go up to extreme speeds offroad, Extreme Motorbike Race 3D is the game for you, available now for free!